Episode Notes

  • Featured Guest-Jeronimo De Leon, Digital Production and Marketing Specialist
  • Jeronimo De Leon is the founder of Welcome.AI
  • JD’s Welcome AI platform assists businesses to discover AI companies
  • The guest led IBM Watson Data Studio account for Havas
  • Matt Turck from FirstMark, an early stage venture capital firm features in the discussion
  • Walmart is adopting AI Business Applications including autonomous janitors
  • MIT is investing in AI and Data Applications
  • Waymo is an autonomous taxi launched in Phoenix by Google based on AI applications
  • Convoy and KeepTruckin are start-ups bridging the gap between humans and machines
  • Handy and Airbnb software applications utilize AI domain
  • Roomba self-cleaning robots raise questions about AI automation and job replacement
  • Artificial Intelligence Index and the 2018 annual report provides latest AI industry trends

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