How to Operate in an AI Focused World

๐Ÿ†• In this episode: Jeronimo De Leon, How to Operate in an AI Focused World.    

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Episode Show Notes:

Featured Guest-Jeronimo De Leon, Digital Production and Marketing Specialist

Jeronimo De Leon is the founder of Welcome.AI

JDโ€™s Welcome AI platform assists businesses to discover AI companies

The guest led IBM Watson Data Studio account for Havas

Matt Turck from FirstMark, an early stage venture capital firm features in the discussion

Walmart is adopting AI Business Applications including autonomous janitors

MIT is investing in AI and Data Applications

Waymo is an autonomous taxi launched in Phoenix by Google based on AI applications

Convoy and KeepTruckin are start-ups bridging the gap between humans and machines

Handy and Airbnb software applications utilize AI domain

Roomba self-cleaning robots raise questions about AI automation and job replacement

Artificial Intelligence Index and the 2018 annual report provides latest AI industry trends

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