How Cloud Workers Enable Modern AI Applications

๐Ÿ†• In this episode: Mark Sears, How Cloud Workers Enable Modern AI Applications.    

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Episode Show Notes:

Guest speaker: [Mark Sears](, CEO at [CloudFactory](

[Megvii](, designs image recognition and deep learning software that powers humanity with AI.

[SenseTime](, is an artificial intelligence SaaS company, based in Hong Kong.

[, utilizes artificial intelligence to make self-driving systems for cars.

[NuTonomy](, makes software to build self-driving cars and autonomous mobile robots.

[Elon Musk](, from Tesla is mentioned with respect to autonomous vehicles and AI.

CloudFactory partnered with [Safaricom Foundation](, by launching a digital skills initiative in Kenya.

[Marc Benioff](, CEO of [Salesforce](, is mentioned with regards to developing work cultures among teams.