Journey To AI Success with Ken Grohe, President & Chief Revenue Officer, WekaIO

Episode Show Notes: 

-Weka is the file system for those who solve big problems and uses a modern storage architecture to solve today’s biggest data-intensive problems that hold back innovation.

– Organizations and enterprises that utilize legacy storage systems that are not optimized for today’s accelerated data centers will be hindered in their ability to extract value from their data. Weka is committed to helping customers maximize the investment in high-powered IT infrastructure, such as GPU and FPGA-enabled servers, so they can innovate faster and solve previously unsolvable problems.

– Weka’s shared, parallel file system delivers high throughput and ultra-low latency, giving you linear performance at Exabyte scale.

– Weka solves storage performance problems in the most challenging data-intensive, technical computing environments. Simply put, with Weka you can solve the big problems that do not yet have solutions.

– Weka exists to solve the big storage problems for customers, which requires a totally new approach to manage the scale and performance of emerging applications

– Weka’s differentiated solution will radically change the economics of high performance storage. This highly disruptive technology is the work of a world-class team with a successful track record of building highly differentiated storage systems.

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