How Synthetic Data has Revolutionized the AI Industry

๐Ÿ†• In this episode: Jeremy Kaufmann, How Synthetic Data has Revolutionized the AI Industry.    

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Episode Show Notes:

Guest speaker: [Jeremy Kaufmann](, principal at [Scale Venture Partners](

[KeepTruckin](, is an  end-to-end fleet management solutions and electronic logging devices for drivers, fleet managers and fleets of all sizes.

[Cognata](, is a start-up founded in 2016 focusing on simulation platform for autonomous vehicles.

[John Zimmer](, from [Lyft](, is mentioned with regards to autonomous vehicles.  

[Solvi](, ingests data and deflects customer service queries in real time.

Kaufmann mentions [Unbabel](, an artificial intelligence powered human translation platform.

[DroneDeploy](, captures images, creates maps, 3D models and analyzes data across industries.

The guest mentions [Locus Robotics](, a multi-bot solution that delivers higher productivity while reducing labor expenses.

[Nuance Healthcare](, offers speech recognition solutions and services to document care better, faster and efficiently.