How AI Can Create Positive Social Outcomes in the United States

🆕 In this episode: Jake Porway, How AI Can Create Positive Social Outcomes in the United States.   

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Episode Show Notes:

As Artificial Intelligence evolves and the debate on Human Centered AI heats up, we should realize that Big Tech cannot solve community challenges but instead develop impact practices that add human value.

Human Centered Design is critical as we look for ways of making AI work for us and raise societal standards in equal measure. What about ethical and explainable AI alongside responsible corporate data management?

For Instance, Machine learning and analytics are becoming applicable: From reducing gender bias at Apple’s case and facial recognition at the Amazon go store. The big question here is: How can we improve data labelling, make accurate algorithms and develop accountability measures for AI?

Humans should be considered in the ethical AI debate by finding better ways to make technology reduce system inequality and develop common ground on AI.