How Conversational AI will Improve Your Customer Success

🆕 In this episode: Noelle Silver, How Conversational AI will Improve Your Customer Success.    

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Episode Show Notes:

Featured Guest – Noelle Silver, Principal PM at Microsoft AI

Noelle shared her thoughts on Microsoft’s recent Build conference on new product releases

Partner Alexa with Cortana

Both David and Noelle will be Guest Speakers at Voice Summit in July in NJ

Microsoft’s new Translator Tool helps break the language barrier

Mark Sears from CloudFactory, another guest on a future HumAIn episode was mentioned

Discussed about conversational Voices with

Microsoft held a Hackathon at Abbey Road

The Met has integrated AI with Microsoft for Open Access

Noelle support Girls Who Code and runs the Lady Coders Conference

Microsoft’s new Translation Services are called Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s AI Business School helps get everyone involved in AI

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