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Noelle Silver is NPR’s VP of Digital Technology.   Her background includes founding the AI Leadership Institute in 2015, an organization that empowers and inspires organizations globally to begin thinking more deeply about AI offering executive workshops for defining AI Strategy, Creating an AI-Ready Culture, and more. She has founded other organizations like VoiceSkills Inc and Lady Coders.  She also held program management roles at Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM and worked at Amazon in various roles within their Web Services and Alexa product lines for over 6 years. She describes herself as an evangelist that is passionate about helping women in technology rock their careers without sacrificing happiness, harmony or love.  She is also excited about Conversational AI (Alexa), Mindful Leadership, work-life harmony and empowering women in tech to achieve more.

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode: 

(00:00) – Introduction

(02:34) – Microsoft has developed a core bot, called Service Bot Framework, a single bot allowing to write once and then have it deployed on Alexa, Cortana and Google within just a few minutes

(04:14) – The quick switch from text to voice. Text is a bit more mature from a natural language perspective

(07:57) – Humans only need to look at the output of a model and make small verifications regarding meaning and intentions, which used to take a very long time for a human to actually manually translate, and now they’re just reviewing, editing, iterating on, as opposed to building that translation from scratch

(07:43) – There’s a totally different kind of human benefit to language learning than just that transactional thing that AI can assist with today

(11:40) – Making voice integration ubiquitous

(14:49) – Unified Speech Services, the combination of speech to text, text to speech, speech authorization, and authentication. All these different services were unified into a single model

(24:00) – Microsoft’s Conversation Learner, cognitive services and applied AI to identify what that speaker is saying and attribute it like in a transcript, in real time

(18:38) – This is not a new technology, but the fact that there have been efforts to democratize it and make it accessible as a web service is quite new

(19:59) – AI is increasing the velocity of our technology and what we’re able to do with it. We do have to be careful, but it’s great

(21:21) – The space of AI and networking opportunities: Voice Of The Car Summit, Voice Of Hospitality, Voice Of Banking Summit

(26:36) – Participatory AI: AI Business School and AI school

(31:19) – Democratizing things that used to be reserved for 1% of the 1% tech companies or Silicon Valley, or those very large companies in the Fortune 500

(32:04) –AI not only solves business problems or tech problems, but now AI can help everyday problems. AI can help music, art, fashion. Collaboration between MIT and Met with AI

(36:30) –Giving back to the community: Lady Coders and Woman in Tech initiatives