The Future of Online Learning and Education

๐Ÿ†• In this episode: Daniel Pianko, The Future of Online Learning and Education.  

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Episode Show Notes:

Online learning is adapting to digital transformation and with the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 education system and colleges are shifting online. Do you prefer in-person or online learning? This is the theme of this show and focuses on the online learning environment and how schools are transitioning to the virtual environment and best practices such as personalized learning.

Online learning faces criticism because of equity and accessibility, which makes learning unbalanced, contrary to curriculum guidelines. Despite this, technology is bridging this gap by offering tools required in an online learning environment for quality education. Galvanize is an example of using technology friendly tools to facilitate digital learning and serves remote students in this social distancing time.

Learning is fundamentally human and educators need to embrace online learning by collaborating with their students. Technologists should support implementation of technology solutions to make online learning a productive experience for students.