The following are reminders to prepare in advance of your episode recording:

  1. Review your topics on the Google doc for our recording
  2. Technical Logistics
    1. Podcast recordings must take place on Google Chrome on a laptop computer (no tablets or phones). 💻
    2. Wired headphones or microphone are required, and preferred over bluetooth. 🎧🎙️
    3. Webcam video is needed for both LIVE and Recorded sessions. 📹
    4. Record in a quiet location (Turn Phones, Tablet Notifications, Emails, Desktop messaging, Slack/Teams into Do Not Disturb/Airplane mode.)
    5. Record on a stable Ethernet or Wifi connection with 50+ mbps.
  3. Recorded sessions will occur on SquadCast. (Walkthrough video)
    1. For LIVE episodes, be sure to share URL links to plug in the Google Doc.
  4. You must record your audio offline as a backup.
    1. On Windows use Windows Voice Recorder
    2. On Mac use Quicktime or Apple Voice Memos
      1. If using Quicktime, ensure that you double press so that a square is showing the recording and the time is counting up.
      2. Apple Voice Memos are saved here. You can also drag and drop the file onto your desktop after finished recording.
    3. Alternatives include Audition or Audacity
    4. Upload your backup after the recording ↪️ HERE. ↩️
    5. Upload your profile photo to the same link ↪️ HERE ↩️ .
  5. Have a glass of water nearby to avoid Dry Mouth 🥛
  6. The episode recording will be 30 to 45 minutes, with the first 15 minutes reserved for technical set-up and pre-interview conversation.