How AI Will Affect Your Business with Oliver Christie


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Oliver Christie is the Co-Founder of Voltare Consulting. He has a degree in Mathematics, Economics and  Fine Art from Peter Symonds College, Winchester, UK and a BFA in Fine and Studio Arts from University of SoutHampton. His experience includes working in the Financial, Media and Transportation sectors, and using technologies such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Google Tensorflow, and Intel.

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode: 

(00:00) – Introduction

(02:08) – Automation means men and machines working together.

(05:55) – People’s skills and the need for a more human technology.

(07:05) – Technical education for a more inclusive workforce.

(10:57) – The need for Government policies to regulate optimization through AI.

(15:56) – Building more human connections through Technology.

(23:08) – People are a company’s best asset to leverage true changes through technology.

(23:34) – Real success is not only technological advancements. Humans need connection, family and personal growth.

(30:15) – Changing the model for automation to make it more human-centric. 

(31:55) – AI Transparency for consumer-focused products.

(34:18) – Human-centric AI tools, Data and technology for human development.