Why NYC is the Next Silicon Valley with John Lynn


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John Lynn is the Co-Founder of Cela, an Accelerator in NYC. He has worked closely with acceleration at places like Studio Project and Techstars, which represent a new kind of educational model. John has been involved with many innovation, acceleration and incubator programs. 

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode: 

(00:00) – Introduction

(01:41) – The trends and patterns in innovation are set by New York City as a tech capital.

(02:37) –  New York City’s tech ecosystem invites more participation.

(06:47) – New York City is the capital for crowdfunding.

(11:01) – Better access to education make NYC a place for innovation.

(12:59) – The rapid change and growth of NYC due to the rise of technology.

(16:43) – The virtualization of education as a shift in Accelerators’ models.

(22:08) –  NYC has unique elements that make it a tech capital demographically and for business. 

(24:30) – All sorts of capital investments make NYC the best place at the best timing. 

(26:54) – The Global Accelerator Summit will be scheduled soon.