How Automation Can Create a Better Future of Work with Sagi Eliyahu, CEO & Founder of Tonkean

Episode Show Notes: 

Sagi Eliyahu is the Co-Founder and CEO at Tonkean. He has held executive engineering roles at Jive Software, and served for four years in the Israeli Defense Force’s elite intelligence agency — worked as a developer since his early teens.

Tonkean’s focus is to empower operations professionals and give them an adaptive platform to complete business processes.

Over the last decade or so, fears about automation and its capacity for upending society have been front and center both in the news and in politics. When people think about automation today, they don’t think of technology that empowers or augments, but rather, technology that displaces — and exacerbates issues of inequality and economic opportunity in the process.

Automation has the potential to create real efficiencies without introducing more complexity, which is imperative towards optimizing your cross-functional processes. Automation, though likely to eliminate jobs that consist solely of menial tasks, is perhaps more properly seen as a means of augmenting the modern worker, rather than replacing them.

RPA is today’s biggest revolution in automation for big companies, but it fails to account for many “exceptions to the rule” and leaves lots of manual work. That’s why keeping humans in the loop throughout automation processes is so essential.

Tonkean’s work with nonprofits like Shopping Angels inspired the company to figure out how they could help more of them.

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