Asra Nadeem: How the future of media will be enhanced by generative design 


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Asra Nadeem is the Co-Founder of Opus AI, a streaming platform powered by proprietary tech that turns plain text into movies and playable 3D worlds in real-time. She is the first female Pakistani venture capitalist. She has a BA in Economics, and has a Masters in Film/TV/Theater and English Literature from Beaconhouse National University.

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode:

(00:00) – Introduction

(01:55) –Nadeem’s background and her thesis: There is not any kind of freedom without financial freedom, and technology is a great enabler for that.

(07:13) – Through a platform that grants access to some of the most brilliant minds in the world for free, anyone can learn and interact now.

(09:02) – ”Naseeb” revolutionized the traditional marriage arrangements in Pakistan, by allowing younger generations to create connections online and get married.

(11:26) – Formal education has mainly three purposes: learning something, networking and better job opportunities. Those three things are available through technology.

(13:54) – The Big Names in the tech industry don’t request a college degree to work for them, only the skills. It’s a different world that is crafting narratives and stories, building stories for the creative industry, and this is a space that’s a massive opportunity that has not been tapped into yet.

(14:59) –, an engine that takes any literary text and converts it into a movie. So you have a code without having to know how to code. It can be that tool to enable digital natives who may not have any coding experience in order to democratize content creation.

(23:29) – The technological progress or the leaps and bounds of automation make generative design come of age. Using AI to boost creativity makes anything possible and accessible.

(26:01) – New types of film will be generated and created. And creativity generates, potentially, new jobs. There is no match for human creativity. And this inherent desire to explore new places or explore new worlds, that’s something that’s very uniquely human and not replicable by a machine.

(32:14) – Network effects are built into platforms, who want to get users in front of as many people, because that’s how they drive ad revenues or eyeballs. Figure out trends that your product market fit, and then that platform creator fit that’s working for you.

(38:14) – The current conditions are opportunities to reinvent, to try new technology and to show that you as a human, can be part of a new wave. We’re continuing to move forward into a world that could be without code, could be no code, low code. Build your creative muscle.

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