The Future of Augmented Reality and Apple Glasses with Robert Scoble

Episode Show Notes: 

  • Robert Scoble works with companies that are implementing Spatial Computing technologies
  • Robert is a futurist and technology strategist and the author of four books about technology trends, being the first to report on technologies from autonomous vehicles to Siri. 
  • Previous positions held by Robert include being a strategist at Microsoft, a futurist at Rackspace, Chief Strategy Officer at Infinite Retina, and the producer and host of a video show about technology at Fast Company.
  • Spatial computing is the next step in the ongoing convergence of the physical and digital worlds. It does everything virtual-reality and augmented-reality apps do: digitize objects that connect via the cloud; allow sensors and motors to react to one another; and digitally represent the real world.
  • Spatial computing will soon bring human-machine and machine-machine interactions to new levels of efficiency in many walks of life, among them industry, health care, transportation and the home. Major companies, including Microsoft and Amazon, are heavily invested in the technology.    
  • Is computer vision about to change everything (and already is) and what should business people do to prepare for the changes that will come in 2022? How will the war between Facebook and Apple go and why we will soon give a LOT more data to these big companies?
  • Call to Action: Learn about spatial computing and how it will roll up all the other AI advantages into a new way of computing.


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