Why Responsible AI is Critical for every Enterprise Company

๐Ÿ†• In this episode: Bret Greenstein, Why Responsible AI is Critical for every Enterprise Company.   

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Episode Show Notes:

Why is ethical AI such a hot topic? -The area that I have been exploring a lot is the ethics of AI, and specifically that companies need the right cross-functional governance in place to handle the easy issues and the hard ones.

Easy ones are things like ensuring AI systems do not introduce bias that considerations are made on the impact on jobs and skills, and that data privacy and brand impacts are all considered in AI projects.

The harder questions involve ones where we become aware of an AI capability, which makes us ethically accountable to consider using it for things that are negatively impacting people. 

We welcome back Bret Greenstein to HumAIn to learn what has changed in Evolutionary AI, Ethical AI, and Responsible AI, as a continued series to our April 2019 discussion on the Rapidly Emerging AI Race.