Robotics is growing every year as artificial intelligence and machine learning power this industry forward.

From construction sites, to banking halls and retail chains, robots are becoming part of human society.

Robots can do simple human tasks including communication, interaction and security analysis making automation a success in the digital economy¹.

Computer intelligence and data processed by robots makes them ideal for complex tasks with far much accuracy than humans². Sensors and engineering controls makes robots perform tasks faster and effectively.

System modelling in robotics and mathematical computations have transformed the way robots handle tasks with minimal errors. A recent research from CB Insights³ suggests that robots will handle most human tasks by 2030.

What makes robotics interesting that anyone should care about?

Based on my extensive research, these are the best robotics companies in the industry.

1. irobot

Location: United States

Based in Massachusetts, iRobot¹³ is our first choice for this list because of their high tech products such as Braava Robot mops and Terra Robot mower. Another product from iRobot is the Roomba vacuum which does household cleaning.

Pet owners love the iRobot Roomba vacuum because of cleaning carpets by removing pet hair. iRobots builds and designs these devices based on cutting edge technologies such as AI that enables them to meet consumer needs.

Navigation is another technology area developed by iRobot as the company seeks to maintain a competitive edge in the consumer market. For example, the lawn mower from iRobot allows for navigation within the required perimeter of the house.

These navigation capabilities⁴ from iRobot make their devices useful for households since they handle multiple roles. The Roomba vacuum cleaner from iRobot works through mapping technology where the device operates in accordance with set commands.

2. GreyOrange

Location: United States

This robotics company is doing great things in this space by designing, manufacturing and deploying advanced robotic systems. GreyOrange¹⁵ offers warehouse automation services⁵ through its distribution centers.

At the same time, GreyOrange owns fulfillment centers tasked with handling customer demand and queries for their robotic products. The Butler from GreyOrange is one product which allows goods-people interactions which is automated and also handles inventory.

GreyOrange designs products for the logistics and retail sectors such as Flexo which utilizes AI systems for operations hence reducing expenses. Thanks to the flexibilty of Flexo, users in the #logistics industry can use the device in accordance to changing operations.

The return on investment from Flexo makes this product ideal for retailers who want to optimize operations and focus on customer needs. Based on its science software, GreyOrange offers personalized products and services to its target market.

3. Epson Robots

Location: United States

Popular with precision automation, ¹⁶Epson Robots is another company making innovative milestones through its series of products including SCARA Robots and 6-Axis Robots.

Manufacturers find Epson products relevant for their operations because of time saving and cost reduction. Product quality improvement is critical in manufacturing and Epson robots make automation work for businesses⁶. Epson has won prestigious awards because of its top notch robot products.

Manufacturers find Epson products relevant for their operations because of time saving and cost reduction

Epson runs the Automate Elite System Integrator program where the company collaborates with robotics experts while fostering innovation. Talent development and using skills from these collaborations has helped Epson to innovate its product line and help manufacturers automate their warehouses.

The versatility of Epson products makes them popular among consumers. Testing and lab analysis programs within Epson have raised quality standards for its products as well.

4. Alphabet Inc

Location: United States

Alphabet is the parent company of Google that handles separate roles including industrial robots in areas such as manufacturing and retail. Based on Google’s technologies, Alphabet¹⁷continues to develop robots with precision and stands out in the market among competitors.

The integration of #AI and #dataanalytics⁷ attests to the company’s commitment towards building a strong consumer market for its products. The robotics market is heating with competitors developing advanced technologies and this has seen Alphabet restructure to cope with the changing industry.

Human based tasks is the focus of robotics at Alphabet as the company seeks to dominate this market. By integrating AI in its robots, Alphabet has seen consumers increase because of their quality products.

The idea of a smart robot is coming to life with Meena, the latest development in chatbots from Google.

Alphabet is investing in research for its robotics projects to keep the momentum going.

The robotics market is heating with competitors developing advanced technologies and this has seen Alphabet restructure to cope with the changing industry

5. DJI

Location: Asia

DJI is known for making drones with their technologies applied in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, film and retail industries. Development of control systems⁸ for flights is another business segment of DJI that has seen the company scale its operation to meet increasing consumer demand.

DJI makes personalized cameras with the stabilizer camera being among the popular ones. The aerial technology is another focus of DJI where the company makes drones with high flexibility to meet consumer needs.

DJI also makes camcorders and gimbals whose demand continues to increase given the company’s global footprint. The camera stabilization platform from DJI makes a wonderful technology that enables precision and accuracy in image capturing. Propulsion controls from DJI have changed the aerial technology capabilities with many companies following their example.

6. Locus Robotics

Location: United States

Warehouse automation is one key service area of Locus Robotics¹⁹ as the company offers bin transfer #robots within warehouses. By securing an estimated $66M of VC funding⁹, Locus robotics is improving its service and investing in new technologies for the increasingly competitive market.

Locus Robotics collaborates with major logistics players such as DHL. E-commerce remains an important segment for Locus robotics because of assisting retail companies optimize operations.

Productivity and fulfillment are other areas served by Locus robotics where the company makes mobile robots for this role. Order management also comes in as Locus robotics manages customer inventories with high speeds that reduce overall costs.

E-commerce remains an important segment for Locus robotics because of assisting retail companies optimize operations


Location: Europe

Based in Europe, SCHUNK²⁰ is a robotics company with years of market experience since its inception in the market. Clamping systems is one area served by SCHUNK where the company develops cutting edge innovations to meet market needs. Secondly, the company develops gripping controls used in a variety of areas such as warehousing, retail and logistics.

Mechatronic controls¹⁰ from SCHUNK and its toolholding components remain critical for the consumer market it serves. SCHUNK continus to invest in magnetic handling solutions applicable in many industrial areas alongside chuck jaws. Overall, the company develops robotics components for a variety of areas as applied in the industry.

8. Vex Robotics

Location: United States

The robotics company offers tools for problem solving by application of robotic solutions. Vex robotics²¹ engages in educational campaigns where the company trains students through competition challenges by exposing them to the world of robotics. STEM program¹¹ is an area that Vex robotics focuses on by training innovators on the latest technological trends.

For example, students participating in Vex robotics events get the opportunity to learn new designs and tools needed to help them derive practical solutions. From elementary to middle school and high school competitions, Vex robotics is committed to empowering the next generation of STEM innovators through its various programs.

STEM program is an area that Vex robotics focuses on by training innovators on the latest technological trends.

9. Autonomous Solutions

Location: United States

Autonomous Solutions is a robotics company that specializes in farm technologies based in technologies such as GPS and invests in other sectors including mining and automotive. Autonomous Solutions²² ranks high with respect to global standards thanks to their testing and quality assurance systems¹².

Their hardware and software systems are used for managing fleets autonomously to the safety of users. Vehicle automation is a central mission of Autonomous Solutions as the company continues to invest in research for areas such as military, farming and security.

10. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is the last entrant in my list given the high scale innovation happening at the company. For example, Boston Dynamics²³ consists of lab researchers working on various prototypes with reports showing new solutions coming out in 2020.

Futuristic robots¹³ from Boston Dynamics speak volumes about the cutting edge technologies happening in this market segment such as military applications. Boston Dynamics has a pipeline of products including SPOT, HANDLE and ATLAS. Others include LEGACY ROBOTS and PICK.

Automation is the Future

With robotics growing, the #futureofwork is here and the best companies can do, is prepare employees for #automation. There are many good robotics companies out there, but all of them could not fit in my list.

That said, robotics are defining the next wave of technology in human-robot interactions, autonomous vehicles and also warehouse automation.

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