YouTube is a great learning tool where people and companies upload videos such as tutorials to teach different subjects and conduct demonstrations. As one of the biggest search engines, YouTube is an effective platform for students in machine learning. I did a search of different YouTube channels doing machine learning videos and came across many lists that fascinated me. Most of these channels offer different modules for machine learning based on varied needs of students.

Those in data science and artificial intelligence understand the role of machine learning in their operations. Machine learning is a core element of data science¹ when data scientists create pipelines and models, which they learn from and make decisions. Watching YouTube channels is a great way to keep yourself updated on the latest trends in machine learning and #datascience.

For this list, I used the subscribers and views as my selection criteria. Nevertheless, I came across other wonderful machine learning channels with less than 10K subscribers. Students of machine learning watch expertly curated video tutorials on YouTube with engagements from tutors and learners. That said, here are my favorite YouTube channels on machine learning that you should watch in 2021.  

1. DeepLearningAI

This YouTube channel on machine learning caught my attention because of the great content in their archives with good lessons on jumpstarting your career in machine learning and artificial intelligence². The DeepLearningAI channel boasts an impressive 130K subscribers with over 8M views. The channel updates videos with students getting new videos from the tutors every week.   

The collaboration between DeepLearningAI and Cousera has made access to quality learning materials easier to the benefit of learners. DeepLearningAI creates and posts content on Cousera with the Ed tech company giving the channel a global footprint of learners.   

2. Krish Naik

This is my second favorite YouTube channel with over 300K subscribers and over 20M views. Krish does a good job of uploading great content and tutorials every week. The channel has over 900 videos, which offers students a pool of learning resources. I watched some videos and I liked the approach of teaching students through examples and application use cases.

Most YouTube channels upload content to their audience and veer off along the way including uploading videos that maybe outside the topic. I like how Krish understands the core needs of students in #machinelearning and data science by focusing on subjects that will get you to speed with the fundamentals.

3. Machine Learning

As the name suggests, this channel focuses on machine learning and the technology³ surrounding data science, SAAS companies and cloud technology. Machine learning applications are everywhere in this age of #digitaltransformation and this channel gives you a realistic view of machine learning from an industry perspective. Besides learning machine-learning basics, students interact with experts in the tech sector through conferences and live sessions.

A good strategy of learning about machine learning is the 360 model that exposes students to use cases and how they can use their ML skills to create solutions to problems. Tutors for this channel interact with students and responds to questions promptly as seen on their YouTube comments section.

4. Codebasics

Everything about technology nowadays is code. This is the theme of this YouTube channel with great presentations on programming and applications in machine learning, #AI and data science. The channel aims to the bridge the gap in technology by helping people learn code and become digitally literate in this age of digital transformation. Students learn programming⁴ in a clear model compared to most tutors who use complex methods to teach.

Besides machine-learning and #programming, learners using this channel, learn other topics including data structures with examples of their applications. The same applies to #softwareengineering where the Codebasics channel gives students an overview of software engineering best practices as they relate to machine learning and data science.     

5. Data Science Courses

My number 5 YouTube channel on ML on this list is Data Science Courses. I crosschecked this YouTube channel and came across educational content that students of data science and machine learning can use for their learning needs. One factor that draws my attention to a great video tutorial is clarity and professionalism in presenting the content. This channel does exactly that with the creator uploading videos on machine learning topics.

The connection and schedule of lectures makes this channel a great resource for students of machine learning. I checked the comments section and found good reviews of this channel with most students expressing their interest with the lecture videos on machine learning. The tutor of this channel does a good job by giving students time to understand models and diagrams. I came across some channels on ML, which offered good content but failed in presentation. The Data Science Courses channel does well in this respect.

6. Sentdex

With over 1000 videos on their archives and 75M subscribers, Sentdex is a great channel for those looking to learn machine learning with a twist of programming. The channel focuses on the Python programming⁵ language and gives students everything they need to learn about #Python. The short and clear videos makes learning a great experience. I liked their presentation style with great graphics for explaining lecture videos.

The channel has a collection of example videos that new learners can use in learning the fundamentals and getting to speed with everything around machine learning. Anyone looking for lessons on Python programming should subscribe to this channel and benefit from their resources.

7. Python Engineer

This is my last YouTube channel on machine learning for this list. After checking out this channel, I must say that the curators have done a good job getting materials together on topics around machine learning, AI and data science. Computer vision⁶ is another subject of interest in this YouTube channel where the curator offers students content on application use cases.   

Keep Learning, Keep Watching

A survey by McKinsey on online learning found that over 60% of student’s preferred video learning and tutorials compared to reading books. Unlike reading books, videos give students a quick idea of basics and this fosters learning within a short time. There are plenty of machine learning channels on YouTube and searching one that identifies with your situation is a good start. For example, there are some channels with more resources and others with short and well-curated videos for effective learning.

Technology from machine learning, data science and AI is changing the world and learning the ropes is part of the future of work⁷ and learning. As automation⁸ kicks in, the best way to remain relevant in this wave of change is reskilling and upskilling. I have good news for you. YouTube has made learning easy for you and using these channels to level up your machine learning skills is a good start.    

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