Marketing is a priority area for every business looking to increase sales and maximize profitability. A good marketing approach communicates your brand values to customers and creates trust that leads to good relationships. Technology in marketing has improved in 2021 and with the COVID-19 pandemic¹ creating a dent in the marketing initiatives of businesses, a Gartner research estimates that businesses will allocate more budgets as the economy recovers from the pandemic. 

Artificial intelligence is enabling marketing initiatives and businesses should take advantage of AI tools to reinvent their marketing processes and win customers. Automation capabilities from AI enable businesses to understand their customers and offer services/products based on their preferences. This kind of customer targeting based on preferences is possible through AI technology. A business can review current market conditions and improve operations through effective marketing channels².

From video marketing, social media campaigns and e-commerce, artificial intelligence systems are supporting business marketing. Predictive analytics is assisting business managers to evaluate market trends and adapt to change while boosting customer experiences³. E-commerce marketing systems such as Klavyio harness the power of AI technology to power the e-commerce needs of shoppers. There is no better time for businesses to reorganize their marketing initiatives like in 2021 as digital transformation continues.

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business Marketing

1. Jetlore

The first AI based marketing tool is Jetlore for understanding customer trends and improving buyer experience. Jetlore is a popular platform among retailers looking to improve the shopper experience of buyers and utilizes #machinelearning capabilities. Retailers like Jetlore because of systematically checking consumer patterns across multiple channels and offering recommendations to boost their buying experiences.

Marketing is about getting relevant information to buyers and Jetlore does this by listing products, services and interests of customers. Businesses can then review these preferences and make decisions about which products buyers are interested in at a given time. Consumer behavior changes all the time and Jetlore is a go to platform for retailers interested in mapping customer journeys and delivering the right products. 

2. ChatFuel

ChatFuel is a great AI #marketing system for businesses that prefer using Facebook Messenger to reach their customers. A business can automate all conversations on Facebook Messenger with the help of a bot, which handles all the roles. Businesses save time and resources thanks to ChatFuel as the platform handles multiple tasks including sales, customer questions and relaying messages to chat agents.

Businesses face challenges because of handling many tasks at the same time and ChatFuel streamlines the process by automating these roles. ChatFuel bots run round the clock and this offers a business advantage because of quick and reliable customer services.

3. Lumen5

For businesses interested in video marketing, Lumen5 is a cool choice that enables you to create customized videos of your brand. #Artificialintelligence technology used in Lumen5 facilitates content conversion where you can consolidate all your content in a single video. More features on Lumen5 such as themes, music and custom templates make this platform a great marketing tool for your business. Creating marketing content for sharing on social media or for website marketing is hectic and Lumen5 makes these needs easy to accomplish. 

Lumen5 helps you create slide shows for your business and tell the story of your brand to the market. You can upload content easily and edit based on your preferences. There is a free version of Lumen5 under the community package and paid plans including business and premium packages.

4. MarketMuse

Building content and keywords targeting best describes AI based MarketMuse, which enables businesses to review their content and improve rankings. A business with no search engine visibility can lose out #customers to competitors and MarketMuse steps in to assist your business understand keywords and how to use them to build presence in given market niches. For example, a cookie business must understand topics of interest to their customers and target them through strategic keywords.

The MarketMuse system is a good plan for a business looking to improve search engine rankings and boost conversion rates. Sometimes, conversion rates drop without the knowledge of a business and the MarketMuse platform projects which keywords you should use and content building techniques.

5. Acquisio

Social media marketing is the hottest trend for business promotion and Acquisio is a great platform for optimized spending and analyzing customer data across various outlets. Acquisio creates a centralized system that informs businesses about conversion rates and consumer spending patterns. The machine learning algorithms used on the Acquisio platform assist in #data analysis and relaying real time information about consumer behavior.

Search engines determine the conversion rates of a business and Acquisio assists here by promoting different ads on search engines. This offers businesses an advantage and increased market reach because of engaging customers on all fronts. Additionally, you can edit your ads depending on emerging needs with different social media templates for advertising.

Level Up Your Business Marketing with AI Tools

A business without a good marketing strategy is like a sailor with no map for direction. Harnessing AI tools for your marketing needs is a good step towards engaging with your customers and understanding the market. Burdensome tasks can drag your business behind and hold you back from focusing on strategic roles and with these AI marketing tools, you can achieve these goals. With AI and machine learning #algorithms in use, these marketing tools give your business predictive power and understanding of your core market niche. 

Not all businesses use Lumen5, Jetlore or MarketMuse or other AI tools in the market. You need to evaluate your business and make decisions on which AI marketing tools can take your business to the next level. Automation is commonplace in this age of digital transformation and every business looking to gain competitive advantage in the market should consider marketing using these AI tools.

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