Data science applications are increasing with new trends shaping 2020 including cognitive enterprise models and analytics. Every business is striving to become data driven and as data consumption increases, 2020 will be an exciting year for data science.

A Gartner poll found that 75% of enterprises will transition from pilot projects to operationalizing data scienceby 2025.

What does this mean?

Data science applications¹ will become part of our lives from consumer to enterprise adoption.

Learning and keeping up with trends will make the difference and this is why I launched the HumAIn Podcast to teach you what mattes in the industry and keep you updated in this era of digital transformation.

The HumAIn Podcast is one great resource you can use today to keep up with changes in the data science industry and become digitally literate.

Hosted by me (David Yakobovitch), the HumAIn Podcast is focused on artificial intelligence, data science, developer education and future of work. Frequent topics include responsible AI, machine learning, open source systems, work 2.0, B2B and enterprise SaaS products, and emerging technology trends.

My Personal Story and Data Science Journey

Data science for me began back in school tutoring math in the 6th grade, participating in National Math Competitions, and learning applied statistics in college.

After graduation, I consulted for Fortune 500 companies² where I made one observation: Most companies do not understand technology.

In this era of transformative technologies including artificial intelligence, #machinelearning, and #naturallanguageprocessing, companies lack ideas for adoption and using them to scale operations.

The HumAIn Podcast

Online content is growing fast and in 2020 alone, misinformation and fake news have become the norm.

The technology industry faces a similar fate as people look for credible and reliable information. With the high volumes of data and information, accessing quality content becomes a problem.

Combined with my experience of teaching students #datascience, I decided to launch the HumAIn Podcast in February 2019 to help students and employees to get hired and to stay relevant at work.

From Chief Data Scientists and AI Advisors to Leaders who advance AI for All, the HumAIn Podcast is the channel to release new AI products, to learn about industry trends, and to bridge the gap between Humans and Machines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution³.

Recently, the HumAIn Podcast ranked top 20 among the best podcasts for data science, #AI, and machine learning.

Who are our Audiences?

HumAIn audiences include data scientists⁴, product managers, software engineers, and students. Listening to the HumAIn Podcast connects you with industry thought leaders on the technology trends that are relevant and practical.

What do HumAIn Episodes focus on?

-Latest technology trends

-The fourth industrial revolution


-Human-centered AI

In July 2020, The HumAIn Podcast ranked in the top 100 Global Technology Podcasts in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

HumAIn Podcast Guests in 2020

Not all podcasts are created equal and what makes HumAIn different is the high profile guests and industry thought leaders⁵ I interview.

Are you looking for the latest technology news and data science trends? Listen to the HumAIn podcast and learn firsthand from industry movers and shakers.

Here are top 10 guests featured on the HumAIn Podcast in 2020:

1. Merav Yuravlivker: CEO, Data Society

Episode: How to accelerate the Data Economy for the Next Workforce

2. Nikita Shamgunov: CEO, MemSQL

Episode: The importance of Data Management and AI during COVID-19

3. Ashwin Rao: EVP, Chief Sales Officer, Collabera, Inc.

Episode: A Virtual Workforce Model for COVID-19 and Beyond

4. Daniel Pianko: Co-founder, University Ventures

Episode: The Future of Online Learning and Education

5. Matthew O’Kane: Head of AI and Analytics, Cognizant

Episode: How Businesses can Scale Practical AI Products in a Post-COVID world

6. Nikolas Badminton: Futurist Speaker

Episode: Artificial Intelligence and the COVID-19 Pandemic

7. Jerry Ting: Founder of Evisort

Episode: How to Transform the Legal Industry and Contract Law with AI⁶

8. Daniel Whitenack: Data Scientist at SIL International

Episode: Modern Natural Language Processing and AI during COVID-19

9. Gideon Mendels: CEO, COMET ML

Episode: Why Machine Learning is Now Part of the Software Engineer’s Toolkit

10. Mike Robbins: Speaker, Author

Episode: We’re All in This Together

Popular Topics on the HumAIn Podcast

1. Artificial Intelligence

-Responsible AI

-Open AI


-Natural language processing

Conversational agents

-Practical AI

-Intelligent automation


-Autonomous systems

-Evolutionary AI

-Human-Centered AI

-AI research

-AI product releases

2. Data Science

-Design Thinking⁷


-Industry 4.0

-Data Governance

-Data Privacy

-Data Science as a Service

3. Future of Work



-Digital first


-Low Code

-Mental Health

4. Developer Education

-Developer tools

-Developer velocity

-Digital literacy

-Accessible/Equitable outcomes

-Data communities

-Open standards

-AI for all

-Technology trends

What people are saying about HumAIn Podcast

Each day gets better on the #HumAInpodcast with great topics discussed and new episode releases.

Our listeners continue to engage with the HumAIn podcast to become informed on what matters in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

A big appreciation to HumAIn listeners around the world for their support in 2020 as the channel crossed 10,000 downloads per episode. To the sky and beyond.

With a rating of 4.8 on Apple iTunes, here are some HumAIn reviews in 2020:

1. Jason Strand

Solid Data AI Thought Leadership

‘‘I work in technology education and always pick up an actionable insight when I listen to the HumAIn podcast. Great guests in an interview format expertly curated by David Yakobovitch. Highly recommend’’

2. 54 KMM

So Interesting

‘‘This show is such a cool look at technology and science that is actually being used today. It gives such great insight into current artificial intelligence and what the future of AI⁸ in our lives could look like’’

3. JustADude1984

Yes Yes!

‘‘I truly loved listening to this AI themed podcast so full of information and learned so much! Excellent guests and engaging episodes make this a must-listen. I can’t wait to check out more episodes’’

4. Bruce Benjaman

Informative and interesting

‘‘So many podcasts on AI, but lots of talk of either what can be done or technical stuff — this one is different because it’s talking about what is actually being done in the field of AI. Also, AI has really given me a lot of insight into the future and current standing of AI. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who’s interested in exploring new advancements in the Tech industry’’

HumAIn Podcast in 2020

Data science is shaping trends including decision intelligence, advanced analytics⁹, responsible AI, and augmented data management. You can expect accelerated adoption of data science by enterprises as they undergo digital transformation and consumers as well.

The best way to keep up with these trends is by listening to the HumAIn Podcast for updates.

Episodes are released every Tuesday.

Follow the HumAIn Podcast on Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with the latest industry developments.

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Cheers and thanks for listening to the HumAIn Podcast.

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