Here is one truth: The next wave of tech jobs will depend on coding.

In this digital economy, coding is on demand and with companies hiring¹ talented developers; there are many opportunities.

From Skillshare, Galvanize and Codecademy, there are many online platforms teaching students coding skills.

Coding is not easy and takes hours of practice as you refine your skills.

Students think that watching 3–4 coding tutorials will make them knowledgeable overnight but this is not true.

Like any other skill, coding requires time and effort to get results. Besides writing code², you need to be a hands-on person who also makes products.

Are you overemphasizing on theory work and not building products?

Then this could be your problem.

In my instruction sessions at Galvanize, I come across students who want instant results from coding but this not the reality. Coding needs flexible learners³ who can apply skills including C, Java or HTML in creating applications/solutions.

Are you ready to begin coding? In this article, I will explore online platforms you can use today and become a rock star coder.


Students find useful because of #programming languages such as C and Java, which equip them to become skilled coders. The website offers programming resources for students as they begin their coding journey.

Students can browse resources and learn coding⁴ as they develop practical applications. offers simplified tutorials that make learning easy for students and their collaborative system supports students in the learning process.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the ideal platform for coding students who want collaboration with instructors as they learn programming. Unlike websites that offer tutorials and forget about learner experiences, Khan Academy has a reputation of assisting students until they achieve their goals.

Their video lessons offer real time information for learners as they navigate the coding world. Besides developing databases, students using Khan Academy learn basic languages including #Java, CSS and HTML.

3. Free Code Camp

What about learning coding from a community?

At Free Code Camp, students learn coding from others by sharing information. Coding is one skill area that requires interactive discussions where students compare results to make them better.

The student-based courses enable fast learning of coding as instructors guide learners on all areas of their learning experience. Coding competitions⁵ from Free Code Camp also encourage students to become great developers because of learning from the best.

Coding is an interactive process and at Free Code Camp, students learn to collaborate with others in projects and developing solutions. This makes #coding easy as students benefit from new ideas with instructors facilitating the learning. Confidence grows as students use skills learned to develop innovative solutions to problems.

4. MIT OpenCourseware

At MIT OpenCourseware, students learn programming languages such as Python, C++ and Java while using graduate and undergraduate resources. Thanks to MIT, the institution collected coding papers from their courses and assembled them online for students.

MATLAB and C languages offered at the MIT OpenCourseware also equip students with the right programming skills required in the digital economy. MIT also offered computer science courses for students besides programming and students find them useful for developing their coding skills.

MIT OpenCourseware updates their courses and coding students benefit from these releases and become knowledgeable in the industry. Coding poses challenges to new students and MIT OpenCourseware supports students in the entire process through guided tutorials. The question and answer feature on MIT OpenCourseware is another great tool coding students find beneficial in their learning.

5. Code Academy

Programming requires using multiple resources and Code Academy offers students technical subjects in coding such as SQL, HTML, Python and PHP. Others including Command Line, Ruby and jQuery are also found on their portal.

Students admit that using the Code Academy aids them in learning coding fast unlike most websites with complicated tutorials. Over 20 million students have benefited from Code Academy learning programs suited for the current developer economy.

The interactive feature on Code Academy where #students collaborate with instructors on projects makes learning code effective. Students enjoy working in groups to complete coding assignments and at Code Academy, this is a priority. Students acquire hands-on coding skills by learning from the ideas of fellow team mates.

6. Code Conquest

The success of coding⁶ depends on learning the basics and Code Conquest takes students to this goal. A good coding platform walks the journey with students and Code Academy makes this happen.

For instance, students use online tutorials on coding and receive support from instructors on areas bothering them. CSS, #Python, C++ and Ruby are some languages taught on the Code Conquest platform and students use them to build progress on their learning experiences.

Skill tests offered at Code Conquest makes this website vital for students learning coding because of measuring progress. Tests taken by students are marked by instructors who offer feedback by highlighting areas that need attention. By working in their problem areas in coding, students improve their skills and become ready for the industry.

7. HTML 5 Rocks

Mobile and website development are critical areas in coding and HTML 5 Rocks offers students the right place to learn coding. Coding students learn the basics of HTML 5, a key tool in learning how to create a website application.

Based on Google resources, HTML 5 Rocks offers the best learning tools for coding students starting afresh. You will learn from experienced professionals in the industry. Their resources equip students with updated HTML skills needed to make them professional coders.

8. The Code Player

Videos are a great learning tool for coding students and The Code Player does just that. Their customized videos offer students resources for learning coding skills and becoming professionals in the industry. By enrolling to The Code Player portal, students learn skills including jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.

Their practical coding lesson are a valuable resource for new students exploring the world of coding. Coding is not enough without learning from experienced coders and their executed projects and The Code Player offers these resources in a single platform.

9. GA Dash

Do you need a fun learning platform for coding? Then GA Dash is your ideal site as you look forward to develop coding skills. Students using the GA Dash platform benefit from ample resources provided in the website and programming languages including #HTML, CSS and Java.

Developers of great websites are in demand and GA Dash meets this objective by equipping students with real time skills. Website building poses challenges to coding students and GA Dash makes everything easy from basic templates to final products.


This is a great website for coding students interested in learning systematic procedures of becoming a developer. Students learn from practical examples and challenges that require them to code in order to develop solutions.

The fun approach of learning at is what students interested in coding should have in their quest to become developers. By signing up on, you get a chance of taking your coding skills to the next level by using resources from experienced programmers.

You have a long way to go

Coding is not for the faint-hearted and requires persistence as you come across challenges.

I remember when I started learning to code. It was a great experience but frustrating as well but with time, I realized, it all comes down to passion and commitment to get things done. Are you ready?

Programming is cool and the best alternative is taking things easy and developing a positive mindset.

Every skill requires these attributes and programming is similar. Rome was not built in a day and so is programming. You need time and practice to learn the coding skill.

Beginners have a hard time coming to terms with the reality of coding and working your way through the course requirements will generate good results.

Keep going regardless of challenges ahead and somehow, you will navigate the coding field and get something out. All the best.

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