How Data Informed Loops changed The Future of Design

๐Ÿ†• In this episode: Sam Horodezky, How Data Informed Loops changed The Future of Design.

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Episode Show Notes:

Sam Horodezky is a Designer at the intersection of UX, Product Management, and Human Centered Design.

There is democratization of design with platforms such as WIX using Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that enables users to make designs with no coding experience.

No code and low code solutions is the latest trend with Bubble and Airtable good examples.

Human-machine collaborations are happening with platforms enabling users to code using their voice.

Design frameworks and programming languages including testing frameworks and tests for the code.

More research progressing in the UX space to enable UX teams understand product design.

Human centered design will accelerate user experiences.

Generative design is becoming widespread with companies including Keep Trucking and Autodesk using the technology.