How to Repair Trust and Enable Ethics by Design for Machine Learning with Ben Byford

🆕 In this episode: Ben Byford, How to Repair Trust and Enable Ethics by Design for Machine Learning.

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Episode Show Notes:

Ben Byford is an Artificial Intelligence consultant at Methods and Host of the Machine Ethics and Ethical by Design podcasts.

Ben’s public speaking and lecturing blends his insights within AI and ethics, web technologies, and entrepreneurship; focusing on the usage of technology as a tool for innovation and creativity.

This is the best time to start conversations on machine ethics even as the COVID 19 pandemic continues where data tracking is used to locate people. But at what cost? 

Ben has been a freelance web designer since 2009 and now mostly a freelance AI / ML teacher, speaker and ethicist and tinkerer. In his spare time, Ben makes computer games and is based in Bristol and London, UK.

Trust has been lost with regards to data privacy and how companies use data obtained from users. From police officers using facial recognition and data mining by big tech companies, we need to reflect seriously about the ethics of data. 

Ben has worked on large scale projects as a web designer with companies such as, medium scale projects with clients including BFI, CEH, Virgin and Virgin unite, as well as having created a myriad of sites for smaller businesses and startups.