What New Yorkers Can Do to Build Stronger Communities Today with Eric Adams


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Eric Adams is a former State Senator, and current Brooklyn Borough President running to be the next Mayor of NYC. He was born in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, went on to earn an Associate in Arts degree in data processing from the New York City College of Technology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Marist College. 

Eric graduated from the New York City Police Academy in 1984 as one of the highest-ranked students in his class. After initially serving with the New York City Transit Police Department, he was transferred to the New York City Police Department (NYPD) with the merging of the city’s police forces.

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode: 

(00:00) – Introduction

(01:29) – We were able historically to get away with the dysfunctionalities of cities. In the next 20 years, as we evolve into computer learning and artificial intelligence, we have to change how we run cities so we can keep pace with that.

(02:16) – The real fact that we’re not addressing COVID-19 in real time with real data and real on the ground response is really exposing. Our cities across America and in general, specifically, here in New York, are not prepared to see how you run cities in the 21st Century.

(03:40) – We have a disproportionate negative impact on certain communities. When you look at the term of essential employees, over 70% of these central employees are black and brown people. When we see the decrease or the increase we are talking about specific populations, over 60% of the people who died from Coronavirus are black and brown.

(06:37) –  Free food for all New Yorkers is open to people who are in need of a meal who can’t travel far to their community.

(07:27) – We have a large number of people in this city who are seniors. It is our responsibility to teach our seniors how to be introduced into the technology.

(09:11) – Our influence really impacts the entire globe. And here in the city, we’re in a fishbowl in that we all live together. Our technology, the technologies that we use must be part of preparing our future employee pool and how we run this city in an effective way.

(11:22) – The population that was less likely to use technology, our senior population, are compelled to embrace the technology that’s available. 

(13:30) – Government officials need to make sure students have the devices and the technology that they can remain engaged.

(16:21) – The more we build out using the free wifi, and it should be a right in all communities, the more we learn where our gaps are. And it’s important to do a GIS mapping of the entire cities.

(18:25) – It’s not a one day strike. It is imperative that as we go through this crisis, we’re thinking about rebuilding in the meantime. How do we look at this new norm that we are going to embrace?

(21:11) – The New York City Employee Retention Grant program is a great program because many jobs are being impacted, they want to lose employees. And if you hold onto your employees through this program for a particular period of time, you are able to take the benefits of this program. 

(22:39) –  We should do a 90 day moratorium on rent as well, as long as it’s matched together with the moratorium on mortgage payments. 

(26:53) – What we must do is continue to get the information out into the crevices of all of our communities. 

(29:26) – We need to try to provide personal protection equipment to all essential employees. We need to make sure that any employee that’s considered an essential employee, that they have some form of healthcare package

(31:55) – You don’t have to break your traditional bonds of coming together as a family, we just have to be more creative in doing so. We are a resilient community, city and country, we’ve had hard times before and all we have to do is come together. Show a level of compassion, commitment, and dedication, not only to each other, but to ourselves.